Waipouli: Dark water

Lit: Water of darkness;

Lit: Water darkened by an eclipse

Wai-pouli is an ahupua`a of the Puna district, between Kapa`a and Olohena. 

It is possible that an eclipse of the sun was observed here and gave its name to the stream.

*Hi`iaka returned to Kaua`i after Pele had destroyed Lohi`au by covering him with lava on the edge of Halemaumau volcano. Hi`iaka had sworn never to see Pele again.  She arrived here and was entertained with a game of kilu.  Lohi`au, restored to life by Hi`iaka’s uncles, on his arrival at Hanamā’ulu, heard of this and came to the game hidden behind folds of tapa carried by two old men.  When Hi`iaka struck the marker of one of the old men, Lohi`au chanted a song he and Hi`iaka had created on their journeys together.  When Hi`iaka struck the marker of the other old man, Lohi`au chanted a song only the two of them knew.  Hi`iaka pushed aside the tapa and found Lohi`au.  They were married and lived the rest of their lives at Hā’ena.[Rice]

Nā keiki o Waipouli me Honoma`ele. 

A humorous reference to very dark people.  A play on pouli (dark) and`ele (black). (Pukui 2237)