Kaua‘i Nui Kuapapa: Talking About Our Island is a project developed by Nā Hōkū Welo Inc., a consultant to the County of Kaua‘i, starting in 2011.

Although not survey grade, and not checked for legal validity, the boundaries correspond to several 18th and 19th century survey maps. The intent of Kaua‘i Nui Kuapapa: Talking About Our Island is to represent three (3) periods in time with respect to moku and ahupua‘a borders—those time periods being the era of the reign of King Kaumuali‘i (circa 1778 to 1824), the Kingdom of Kamehameha (1810 to 1893), and the Territory of Hawai‘i (1893 onwards), as opposed to following the latest data regarding the same that derive from the State of Hawai‘i or USGS, which attempt to describe present-day borders.

The orthography of place names was researched by Nā Hōkū Welo Inc. With regards to place names whose meanings are uncertain, the best educated guess was the basis for orthography. Note that the following symbols were appended to ahupua‘a names in cases where correct spellings for place names are in question:

* Pronunciation and meaning uncertain
† Not found in Place Names of Hawai‘i
‡ No island reference found in Place Names of Hawai‘i

NOTE: These land divisions are graphic representations compiled and organized by Nā Hōkū Welo LLC. from various sources and have not been checked against land survey records for legal validity.


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