Māhāʻulepū means And falling together.

Māhāʻulepū: And falling together

The ahupuaʻa boundary follows the Paʻa border to a rock on the range of hills called KALUHAHINI (the rock is KUMAULELE), to HāʻUPU, then down range to hills called PIHAKAPU to a point of land called KAWELAKOA.  From Hāʻupu to Kawelekoa, theboundary is shared with Kīpū.  Area: 1572 acres.

Recently archeologists have uncovered the skeletons of three-foot tall flightless ducks in this area

By pronouncing the name maha-ʻule-pu, a pun is created:  Maha (foreskin) + ʻule (penis) + pu (inactive, sluggish), supposedly a complaint of the wives of the men who spent all their time in the ocean fishing.