A small ahupua’a lying between Wai’awa and Waimea. Pokiʻkauna means Chanting younger brother.

Pokiʻkauna: Chanting younger brother

A small ahupua’a of the Kona district, lying between Wai’awa and Waimea. The modern town of Kekaha is situated there.  [Gay 55] [Geo] [G&R] [LCA 8841] [PEM]

*Kapo-’ula-kina’u, Pele’s sister, left her younger female relative Moe-hauna (Life struck) here and her younger brother chanted a farewell from the ridge. Moe-hauna released Limaloa’s soul into the mirage.
*The legend of Hiku and Kāwelu, the Polynesian version of the Orpheus and Eurydice story, is set here. This is an example of ancient legends being set into the geography of a new land.