The plant icon designated for the moku of Halele‘a is the native laua‘e, a fern that has a beautiful scent like maile, another famous iconic plant of Kaua‘i. Another fern bears the same name as this and is very common, especially in landscaping, but this laua‘e is rare and deserves efforts to replenish it in the forest. This logo serves as a reminder of the fragile state of Kaua‘i’s ecology and native biota and the beautiful scent of this laua‘e serves as a reminder as to why Kaua‘i people should care about preserving something so beautiful.

The fish designation for Halele‘a is the akule, another common and well-loved fish for food. That this fish often swarms in large numbers off-shore is intended as a counter to the rarity of the laua‘e, again, a reminder about the fragile balancing act in Kaua‘i’s ecology that requires constant attention in order not to let human carelessness lead to environmental catastrophe.

The color designation is the predominant color of the land of Halele‘a. There is no place in this moku that is not green.