From centuries ago, the west end of Kona from the area where Waimea Canyon School is located today to Polihale was the site of a coconut grove with waterways meandering between the trees. This is the Kona logo's plant icon. The grove in the area of Kekaha was known as Kaunalewa and numerous old mele (chants, songs) boasted about the beauty of this place. People across the islands knew of this grove through these mele, even those who had never visited the area. The sugar industry removed the grove to plant sugar, and so the coconut tree in this logo is a homage to Kaunalewa. The fish is pāpio, a common and well-loved fish among Kaua‘i fishermen and locals in general. The area between Polihale Beach Park and Nōhili Point is known as Pāpiohuli. This is the spot on the island that enjoys the last rays of sunlight at the end of each day, and so this fish was chosen to highlight Kona's position on the west end of Kaua‘i.

The color association for Kona is red as the brightest red dirt of Waimea Canyon.