Wailuanuiho‘āno (great, sacred spirit) is the full name of Wailua, the seat of government and religious center of the Kaua‘i Kingdom for centuries. The heiau, Holoholokū, near the bottom of Kuamo‘o Road was the birth place of the highest ranking ali‘i, acknowledged even by ali‘i of the other islands as possessing among the highest mana in the Hawaiian Islands. It’s plant icon is the ‘ie‘ie, a thick vine that crawls up tall trees with long, thick aerial roots that had been manufactured into strong cordage to lash the posts of traditional Hawaiian houses. The name of the channel between Kaua‘i and O‘ahu is Ka‘ie‘iewaho (the ‘ie‘ie vine on the outside) and so this icon is a homage to Wailua’s position on Kaua‘i’s eastern shore.

The fish icon is moi, another favorite eating fish among locals, this name resembles, mō‘ī (monarch), indicating that Puna, with Wailua and Līhu‘e situated in the moku, is the government seat of Kaua‘i.

The color yellow is associated with royalty, as seen in ahu‘ula, the royal feather capes of Kaua‘i’s mō‘ī.