Waipouli: Dark water

Waipouli: Dark water

Lit: Water of darkness;

Lit: Water darkened by an eclipse

Wai-pouli is an ahupuaʻa of the Puna district, between Kapaʻa and Olohena. 

It is possible that an eclipse of the sun was observed here and gave its name to the stream.

*Hi`iaka returned to Kaua`i after Pele had destroyed Lohi‘au by covering him with lava on the edge of Halemaumau volcano. Hi`iaka had sworn never to see Pele again.  She arrived here and was entertained with a game of kilu.  Lohi‘au, restored to life by Hi`iaka’s uncles, on his arrival at Hanamā’ulu, heard of this and came to the game hidden behind folds of tapa carried by two old men.  When Hi`iaka struck the marker of one of the old men, Lohi‘au chanted a song he and Hi`iaka had created on their journeys together.  When Hi`iaka struck the marker of the other old man, Lohi‘au chanted a song only the two of them knew.  Hi`iaka pushed aside the tapa and found Lohi‘au.  They were married and lived the rest of their lives at Hā’ena.[Rice]


Nā keiki o Waipouli me Honoma`ele. 

Children of Waipouli and Honoma`ele. 

A humorous reference to very dark people.  A play on pouli (dark) and`ele (black). (Pukui 2237)