Kalāheo: The proud day

An ahupua‘a of the Kona district.

The gully that runs from Lono-awa bay to the village of Kalāheo is normally termed Kalaheo gulch. However, in a few old maps, there are two names for the gulch, Kalāheo and Ka-wai-haka. Probably the upper reaches of the gulch was called Kalāheo because of its affinity to the village of the same name. The lower reaches was probably called Ka-wai-haka which refers to a shelf of water at the mouth of the gulch gushing from the eastern side at a talus slope.

There were many house sites in Kalāheo gulch. Most of these were stone platforms 15 feet square. There were also taro terraces further inland.

Ku‘u-anu Lit: Releasing coldness

A wind of Kalāheo. [For 5:97]

Kuamo‘o Lit: Backbone

The sea off shore of Kalāheo. [LCA 6647]