Makaweli lies between Hanapēpē on the east and Waimea on the west. Makaweli means Burning-eyes.


Makaweli: Burning-eyes;

Lit: Phosphorescent eyes;

Lit: Fearful eyes

An ahupua`a of the Kona district. It lies between Hanapēpē on the east and Waimea on the west. [Geo]

Ho`olele ka uila o Makaweli.

Send the lightning of Makaweli flying.

A play on maka-weli (terrifying eyes), this saying refers to the sending of a god on an errand of destruction. (Pukui 1097)

Pueo Lit: Owl

A rock in the sea, also a place of surf-riding [For VI: 454 & 456]

Ka-pai-loa-hiki Lit: The tall rising pai fern

The highest point on which the copper plate of the U.S. Geological Survey is enclosed.

* Pai is a native fern, Polypodium hymenophylloides, with clustered, narrow pinnate fronds, two to five inches long, growing on trees at rather high altitudes. Also called huna-palai or palai-huna. [Rock: Indigenous Trees]

Wai-a-ke-aloha Lit: Stream created by friendship

Waterfall on the trail between Ka-hōlua-mano and Ka-uluwehi bog, near the 4000 foot elevation level. [Rock: Indigenous Trees]

Ka-uluwehi Lit: ōive growth, e.g. a place where lush and beautiful plants thrive.

A small bog situated at an elevation of 4200 feet back of Ka-hōlua-mano on the trail to Wai-a-ke-aloha waterfall. It is one of five similar bogs on Kauai; the others are Wai-`ale`ale, Alaka`i, Lehua-makanoe, and the Wahi`awa. [Rock: Indigenous Trees]

Ka-hale-kua-kāne Lit: The house of the male god

‘Wai`ale`ale is the mountain and Ka-hale-kua-kāne the place where birds are caught.” [Kamakau: p. 40 in the story of Pikoi-a-ka-`alalā]

Pe‘ape‘a Lit: Bat

Peapea was noted for its makaupili rain. maka`u = fearful/pili = clinging

[Fornander VI, 454]

Ka-wai-`ula Lit: The red stream

Stream, location unknown, whose water is muddied (wai iliahi) by ka paka pa`a hoa rain at Kahana. [For VI: 454]

`Āluka Lit: Multitude

Cliff and peak opposite Ka-lehua, on the west bank of Kahana, above the pool of Pili-a-moo. [Gay]

Ha`alo Lit: Dodge (not in PE iii)

Valley and intermittent stream opening into the Moku-one with headwaters on the south slope of Ke-ana-ka-akua. [G&R] [Gay 32]

Hihi-nui Lit: Much entanglement

Waterfall [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-`aha Lit: The assembly

Summit [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-`ai-kumu Lit: The bartered taro

Land area on east bank of Moku-one, three fords mauka of Lonopua.

[Gay 41]

Kā-heka-pō`ele`ele Lit: Salt pan of the dark night

Valley. [Geo]

Pō`ele`ele is a reference to great antiquity.

Ka-hōlua-manu Lit: The sled course of Manu

The highest cliff of Waimea valley, 3724 feet elevation. [Geo] ]PEM] [Gay]

*Manu‘s parents made him do all the work preparing the family‘s food so he had no time to learn to ride the hōlua sled. One day he watched a Menehune slide on the hōlua. The Menehune fell from the slide and the sled was broken. Manu repaired the sled and the Menehune gave him a hōlua of his own. But each time Manu tried to ride the hōlua, his parents either caused stones to be thrown onto the course or caused freshets in the stream where the course ended. Manu left them in disgust and became a famous hōlua rider.

Kahua-aka`a-ulu Lit: Place to peel breadfruit

Flat above the land of Wiwi [Gay 65]

Ka-`ili-elehu Lit: Very dark surfaced (not in PE iii)

Land area near mouth of ‘O‘opu-lele valley [Gay 65]

Ka-lehua-hakihaki Lit: The broken lehua tree

Peak, 3548 feet (Geo says 3724 feet) [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-lua-kea Lit: The white pit

Ridge [Geo]

Ka-lua-o-ka-lani Lit: The pit of heaven

Valley [Geo]

Kanaloa Lit: Kanaloa (one of the four major gods)

Land area near the mouth of Ha-alo [Gay 32]

Ka-puhala-a-ke-akua Lit: The god‘s pandanus tree

Flat place by Moku-one stream. There was a ti-root oven here. [Gay 41]

Ka-puka-paia Lit: The water hole; The walled in (by vegetation) hole

Ridge, with summit of 2979 feet [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-unu-`ōnohi-iki Lit: Little heiau of the eyeball

Land area on west bank of Moku-one between Ka-makewai and Ka-puhale-a ke-akua [Gay 41]

Ka-unu-`ōnohi-nui Lit: Large heiau of the eyeball

Grove of wauke trees on the east side of Moku-one on stony land [Gay 41]

Ka-wai-kāpili Lit: The joined waters

Intermittent stream that forms the north branch of Mo-ole. [G&R]

Ke-ana-ke-akua Lit: The cave belonging to the gods

Summit, 3438 feet [Geo] [G&R]

Ke-ū Lit: The damp spot

Hollow where trees grow on the makai side of Malei [Gay 41]

Kiho Lit: ?

Peak, 2205 feet [G&R]

Kuma-`ākia Lit: Dotted with akia trees

Large kukui grove on the east side of Moku-one just makai of Paikau. [Gay 41]

The ‘ākia is a member of the Wikstomemia species. Its bark, root, and leaves give a narcotic used for fish poisoning.

Loli Lit: Sea cucumber

Stream [Geo]

Lonopua Lit: Lonopua, a god of healing

A grove of kukui trees on the east side of Moku-one [Gay 41]

Malei Lit: Malei, a goddess related to the Pele family

Ravine draining into ‘Ō‘opu-lele close to its junction with Moku-one, draining A`ali`i-nui ridge. [Gay 41] [G&R]

Maniania-`ulu Lit: Red maniania grass

Land area on ridge south of Kalua-o-ka-lani valley and Kiho peak [G&R]

Moole Lit:?

Intermittent stream, east branch that flows down to Moku-one. Perhaps the same as Omoole (cf). [G&R}

Nā-kanuka-lolo Lit: ?

Ridge with summit of 3738 feet [Geo]

Nana-nui Lit: ?

Intermittent stream that forms the south branch of Moole stream. The meaning will depend upon the proper pronunciation of the name: nana, nanā, or nānā. [G&R]

Nā-wai-maka Lit: The tears

Stream and valley [Geo]

`Ōhule-lua Lit: Two persons (?)

Ridge that divides ‘Ō‘opulele and Mokuone valleys. [Geo] [G&R]

`Ōmaka-o-kī-lepalepa Lit: Leafing out of the tattered ti plant

Valley on east of the Kahana above Wiwi [Gay 65]

`Ōmoole Lit: Bottle

Gulch. Perhaps the same as Moole (cf). [Stau]

`Ō`ō-mālō Lit: Straight digging stick

Valley on the west bank of the Kahana, opposite Ho`olono-i-ka-muhi (map 52) [Gay 65]

`Ō`opu-lele Lit: Leaping ‘O‘opu fish

Waterfall at the outlet of ‘Ō‘opulele valley; the valley itself. The ‘Ōhulelua ridge on the east divides it from Mokuone valley. [Geo] [Gay 41] [G&R]

`Ōpae-wela Lit: Hot shrimp

Valley [Geo]

Pā-lepa Lit: Dirty dish

Stream flowing into Moku-one from the north [G&R]

Pali-na`ena`e Lit: Cliff of delightful odors

Cliff opposite and mauka of ‘O‘opu-lele valley on east side of Moku-one; runs up to Pali-wai-ehu [Gay 41]

Papa-iki Lit: Little flat land

Land area makai of Pili-a-moo pool [Gay 65]

Pōhaku-lau-hui Lit: Rock wrapped in leaves

Peak, 1962 feet, south of Ka-lua-o-ka-lani stream [G&R]

Polo-iki Lit: Little trifler

Valley mauka of the flat of Kalua-aka‘a-ulu [Gay 65]

Puka-kahi Lit: Single opening

Stream bed of Moku-one from Ka-ili-lehua to ‘Ō‘opu-lele. This name once applied to a mound in the stream bed, but since the disappearance of the mound, it has come to refer to the stream bed itself. [Gay 41]

Wāwae-nohu Lit: Porous stone foot

Land area below Papa-iki [Gay 65]

Wiwi Lit: Thin

Valley and ridge on east bank of the Kahana opposite Oo-malo [Gay 65]

`Āluka Lit: Heaped

Peak, possibly 3260 feet, on ridge between Moku-one and Wai-au [G&R]

Apau-hua Lit: Entirely fruitful

Land area on the east bank of the Kahana opposite Kalo-`ele`ele [Gay 67]

Hale-kua Lit: Tapa beating house;

Valley of Mokuone above Ka-pili-a-Kāne; stream. [Geo] [Gay 42] [PEM] [G&R]

Hale-mokihana Lit: Mokihana house

Valley on west side of Moku-one canyon opposite Kalo-`ele`ele. [Gay 67] [G&R]

Halulu Lit: Rumbling

Waterfall and land area on the east bank of the Kahana mauka of Poha-kea [Gay 67]

Hulu-hale Lit: Beloved house

House site with Pulama-nui on its north and the Kahana on the east [Gay 66]

Ka`ā-huna Lit: Olona rope fragment

Valley opposite, but a little makai of Ka-hinahina on the east side of the Kahana [Gay 66] [G&R]

Ka-ana-pahu Lit: The drum cave

Valley at Kukui-hoehoe on the east side of the Kahana [Gay 65]

Ka-hala Lit: The pandanus

Land area mauka of and adjacent to Kea on the same side of river [Gay 66]

Ka-hala-kea Lit: The white hala fruit

Alt: Ka-hala-pe`a, The-bat‘s-house

Land area mauka of Pili-a-moa on the east side of the Kahana [Gay 65]

Ka-hālau Lit: The shed

Land area on the west bank of the Kahana mauka of Ka-hala-kea [Gay 66]

Ka-hale-puhi-kī Lit: The house in which ti is cooked

Land area mauka of Pepeiao on the same side of the river [Gay 66]

Ka-hinahina Lit: The hinahina plant

Land area makai of Pulama-nui on the west bank of the Kahana. Also name of the trail that climbs the ridge. [Gay 66]

#This name could refer to any one of seven different plants (silversword, Florida moss, heliotrope, geranium or artemisia) or even a variety of sugar cane.

Ka-holoina Lit: Rushing violently

Stream; also crossing above Ka-uluulu waterfall [Geo] [Gay 42]

Ka-hua-kahi-`ākau Lit: The only child on the right

Land area on the east bank of the Kahana immediately below Wai-kaka waterfall [Gay 67]

Ka-ipu-ha`a Lit: The shallow calabash

Trail up above Wai-kaka falls leading to Kea-pua [Gay 67] [G&R]

Ka-lehua Lit: The lehua tree

Pen for animals on the east side of the Kahana at Ka-hala-kea [Gay 65] [G&R]

Ka-leina-a-kalo Lit: The place where the taro leaped

Trail mauka of Hale-mokihana, leading to ridge between Hale-kua and Wai-au [Gay 67] [G&R]

Kalo-`ele`ele Lit: Dark taro

Land area mauka of Hale-mokihana [Gay 67] [G&R]

Ka-loulu Lit: The loulu palm

Pool mauka of Wai-a-koloa in the Moku-one stream [G&R] [Gay 42]

Ka-lua-oho Lit: The hair pit

Land area mauka and east of the crossing of Ka-holoina stream. This was on the path that led from the junction of the Waimea and Makaweli rivers to Koaka peak. [G&R] [Gay 42]

Kamala-apeape Lit: The apeape shed

Cave on west side of the Kahana opposite Halulu [Gay]

Ka-moku Lit: The district

Land area opposite the mouth of Ka-wai-iki, on east side of canyon [Gay 66] [G&R]

Ka-paka Lit: The little drops of water

Valley and land area on west side of the Kahana mauka of Paina [Gay 66]

Ka-palaoa Lit: The whale bone ornament

Valley mauka of Ka`a-huna, east side of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Kapa-ū Lit: Wet tapa

Peak above Makole [Gay 42] [Gay 66]

Ka-pāweo Lit: The turning away

Land area mauka and opposite Paina on the east side of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Kapili-a-Kāne Lit: Kāne‘s mate

Ka-pili-a-Kāne, The pili grass of Kāne

Point and recess above the point in the valley mauka of Ka-loulu on west side of the Moku-one .[Gay 42] [G&R]

Kapili, meaning mate, is not in PE iii. It came from the typescript of Gay.

Ka-pua Lit: The blossom

House site mauka of the mouth of Pilipili-hau-maka on the west bank of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Ka-uluulu Lit: The angry (one); Rushing violently

Waterfall on Ka-holoina just before that stream joins with Hale-kua stream to form the Moku-one [G&R] [Gay]

Kaumaha-loa Lit: Very heavy; Very sad

Summit [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-wai-iki Lit: Small body of water; Narrow stream

Valley opposite Ka-moku on west side of canyon [Gay 66] [G&R]

Ka-wi-`ai-pala Lit: The freshwater bivalve that eats pala fern

Kula land above Ke-apuapu and below Kue-manu peak [Gay 66]

Kea Lit: White

Alt: Ke-`ā The-lava

Land area mauka of and adjacent to Ka-paweo [Gay 66]

Ke-ana-one Lit: The sandy cave

Cave on west side of the Waiau valley near the top of a ridge on a single ledge [Gay 67]

Ke`a-pua Lit: To shoot arrows made of the stems of the sugar cane tassels

Peak. [Geo]

#Ke`a-pua was a popular sport. Arrows were made of sugar cane tassels and fired from bows strung with hau bark cord. In distance shooting, the winner was he whose arrow flew furthest. Shooting rats that had been caught and put in a pit was another sport. The winner was he whose arrow pierced more than one rat.

Ke-apuapu Lit: The rasp

Valley between Pulama-nui and Pilipili-a-haumaka [Gay 66]

Kieia Lit: Spied on

Land area and kula lands on the west side of Kahana makai and adjacent to Paoa [Gay 67]

Kī-pole Lit: Apron of ti leaves

Summit, 2980 feet [Geo] [G&R]

Kue-manu Lit:(A method of bird catching)

Peak above Ke-apuapu. [PE] [G&R] [Gay 42 & 66]

Kue-manu means to attract `ua`u birds (petrels) to a net by imitating their call, kue, kue, kue!

Kukui-hoehoe Lit: Light by which the hoehoe instrument was played

Land area opposite Pili-a-mo`o pool on the east bank of the Kahana. [Gay 65]

The hoehoe was a nose flute. Hoehoe refers also refers to a plaintive prolonged sound as given by the nose flute.

Moena-a-ka-lehua Lit: Where the warrior laid down

Valley, land area, and cave opposite Ka-hālau on the east side of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Makole Lit: Red eyed

Land area south side of Pulama-nui [Gay 66]

Moku-one Lit: Sand island

Stream and valley [Geo] [PEM]

Nā-wai-elua Lit: The two bodies of water; The two streams

Valley mauka of Ka-paka on same side of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Pa`ina Lit: Crackling sound

Stream flowing into the Ka-wai-iki [Gay 66] [G&R]

Pali-wai-ahau Lit: Cliff of deposited waters

Cliff above Wai-a-koloa road down into valley and up and over between Kapau and Kue-manu [Gay 42] [G&R]

Paoa Lit: Staff

Land area on the west bank of the Kahana immediately below Wai-kaka waterfall [Gay 67]

Pepeiao Lit: Ear

Land area makai of Pulama-nui, west side of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Pili-ā-mo`o Lit: To cling like a lizard (as on a cliff)

Pool in the Kahana below Aluka cliff [Gay 65]

Pilipili-a-haumaka, Lit: Glue of mother of pearl eyes

Valley from the orange tree at Ke-apuapu [Gay 66] [G&R]

Poha-kea Lit: White stone

Pool and large stone in the Kahana below Hale-mokihana [Gay 67]

Popoulu-nui Lit: Large popoulu bananas

Ridge above Wai-kaka [Gay 67] [G&R]

Pulama-nui Lit: Much cared for

Valley makai of Ke-apuapu at pen [Gay 66] [G&R]

Pu`u-kī Lit: Ti leaf hill

Peak mauka of Kue-manu [Gay 66]

Pu`u-o-kamali`i Lit: Children‘s hill

Small round peak above Ka-hālau on the ridge to the west of the Kahana [Gay 66]

Wai-a-kōloa Lit: Wild duck waters

Waterfall of the Moku-one mauka of the junction with ‘O‘opu-lele [Gay 41]

Wai-ānuenue Lit: Rainbow water

Waterfall and stream [Geo]

Wai-au Lit: Swirling water

Stream [Geo] [PEM] [G&R]

Wai-kaka Lit: Clear water

Alt: Wai-kākā Smiting water

Waterfall [Geo] [G&R] [Gay 67]

Ka-haiki Lit: The narrows

Upper end of Pali-emo which branches from Ka-wai-halana as far as one can go on foot. Then one has to swim to get to the falls. Wild ducks were caught in this area. [Gay]

Kahe-ka-wai Lit: Flowing water

Upper part of saddle, mauka of Pali-opihi. Part of this area is known as Ka-lua-awai. Bird catchers used to camp in this saddle. [Gay]

Ka-lā-lua-hakihaki Lit: Fragmented day for wrestling

High point. This point was used to mark a turning in the land boundaries.

This must be connected with Ka-lā-lua-nahelehele (cf) and Ka-la-lua-pu`u (Map 54) [Alex 1900]

Ka-lā-lua-nahelehele Lit: Weed covered day for wrestling

Sharp peak [Gay] [Geo]

Ka-lua-`āwai Lit: Platform hole

Upperpart of saddle, mauka of Pali-opihi (cf. Kahe-ka-wai) [Gay]

Ka-poki Lit: The shrine

Peak used as a boundary point. [Alex 1900]

Ke-`akū Lit: The aku lobelia

Cave. [Geo]

The `akū is and endemic lobelia (Cyanea-tritomantha). The leaves were cooked and eaten like cabbage.

Ke-ala-a-ka-`opihi Lit: The road of the ‘opihi

Steps cut into the cliff of Pali-opihi [Gay]

Kū-ao-hū-kini Lit: Kū (of the) forty thousand swelling days

Summit [Geo]

Maka-`opihi Lit: Limpet eye

Summit [Geo]

Pā-lehua Lit: Lehua flower enclosure

Summit, 4315 feet [Geo] [PEM]

Pali-`opihi Lit:Opihi limpet cliff


Pu`u-kī Lit: Hill where the ti plant grows

Summit, hill. According to Gay, Pu`u-kī lies below and makai of Pu`u-lehua. The Geo map has them reversed. See Pua-ko-ki, Gay 14. [Gay] [Geo]

Pu`u-lehua Lit: Hill where lehua trees grow

Peak. According to Gay, this peak is sometimes called Pu-lehua. It was a land for birds. On the west side of the ridge, the birds belonged to Makaweli. On the south-east side, birds belonged to Manuahi and those on the northeast side belonged to Koula. All the birds of Olona-wehi (the ridge that comes up from the junction of Hauhili and Koula rivers, west of Kealomea) belonged to Manuahi down to Kuapo`o, and all the birds mauka of Olona-wehi and east of Keolomea belonged to Koula. [Gay]

`Alae-pe`e-wale Lit: Hiding-mudhen

Small cave at Kue-ka-la cliff [Gay 31]

Hainā Lit: Cruelty

Kula land opposite and mauka of Kua-kolekole on east side of Moku-one [Gay 31]

Ilo LIt: Maggot

Land area opposite Ka-`ili`ili and a little mauka of it [Gay 31]

Kāhe`e-kā LIt: To-pour-out (like bailing water from a canoe)

Spring and road on west side of Moku-one leading to Ka-unu-`enuhe [Gay 31] [G&R]

Ka-ihu-iki LIt: Small-nosed

Peak at foot of Kuha [Gay31]

Ka-`ili`ili Lit: The-pebbles

Land area on east side of Moku-one [Gay 31]

Ka-loha Lit: The-droopy-one

Lower part of Kahee-ka spring [Gay 31]

Ka-`ohai Lit: The -`ohai-shrub

Village a little mauka of Ka-umu-ko`o-loa on a flat place on the hillside [Gay 31]

#The `ohai is a low shrub of the legume group.

Ka-umu-ko`o-loa Lit: The-really-large-plover

Watercourse north of Pu`u-o-maka-weli peak opposite land of Ka-`ili`ili [Gay 31]

Kaunana-o-ka-lā Lit: Position-of-the-sun; Resting-place-of-the-sun

Valley to the peak makai of the valley [Gay 31] [G&R]

Ka-unu-`enuhe Lit: The-altar-of-the-caterpillar

Heiau, on Mokihana ridge at 1550 foot elevation on the regular trail [Ben 41]

Ke-ā-koa`e Lit: Ledge-for-tropic-birds

Large cliff on west of Moku-one mauka of Wai-`awa`awa. [Gay 31] [G&R]

Ke-ana-loa Lit: The-long-cave

Large cave on the east side of Moku-one mauka of Wai-`awa`awa

[Gay 31] [G&R]

Kua-kolekole LIt: Raw-back

Kula land on west of Moku-one mauka of Wai-`awa`awa [Gay 31]

Kū`ē-ka-lā Lit: Opposed-to-the-sun

Large cliff on east side of Moku-one opposite Ke-ā-koa`e just before Wai-`awa`awa [Gay 31] [G&R]

Kuha Lit: Expectoration

Land area opposite, mauka, and above Ilo [Gay 31] [G&R]

Kukui-`ula Lit: Red-kukui-nut

Spring makai of mouth of Wai-`awa`awa [Gay 31] [G&R]

Kūnini Lit: Ridge (as of a precipice, steep, sheer)

Gulch [Geo]

Lewa-`ula Lit: Red-sky

Heiau on Mokihana ridge on the main trail. [Ben 40]

Mai-ka`a-loa Lit: Almost-rolled-away-entirely

Cave above Kuha at the foot of the cliff [Gay 31]

Mokihana Lit: Mokihana-plant (Pelea anisata)

Valley and stream [Ben 39] [Geo] [PEM]

Nā-hale-o-Ko`o Lit: The-houses-of-Ko`o

Land section, 800 foot elevation. [PEM] [Geo] [Alex]

#Who Ko`o was is unknown.

Nihoa Lit: Toothed (serrated, notched)

Gulch [Geo]

None Lit: Tease

Small cave makai and overlooking Ilo [Gay 31]

Pe`a-moa Lit: Chicken-feather-stalk

Valley [Geo] [PE]

Pōhaku-ka`a Lit: Rolling-stone

Stone in the Moku-one stream, east side of valley [Gay 31]

Po`o-lolo-`ole Lit: Head-without-brains

Land area and summit [Geo] [PEM]

Pu`u-kī Lit: Ti-leaf-hill

Hill, 1662 feet [Geo]

Pu`u-o-maka-weli Lit: Hill-of-the-angry-eyed-one

Sharp peak half way up the hill between Kaunana-o-ka-lā and Ka-umu-ko`o-loa [Gay 31]

Wai-`awa`awa Lit: Bitter-waters; Sour-tasting-water

Stream and valley on west of Moku-one [G&R] [Gay 31]

Wai-pao-iki Lit: Little-scooped-water

Gulch [Geo] [PEM]

`A`aka Lit: Grumbling

Ridge [Geo

Hiki-lei Lit: Brought wreath

Valley [Geo]

Honua-`ula Lit: Red earth

Valley [Geo]

Ka-lua-ko`i Lit: The adze quarry

Valley [Geo]

Ka-unu-melemele Lit: The yellow altar

Heiau. Located in Maka-weli on the ridge near the junction of Hiki-lei and Kuna-lele valleys. Thrum says ‘an open platform heiau in good condition.” [Ben 45]

Kawelu Lit: A wind blown grass

Valley [Geo]

Kolo-kea Lit: Creeping white (mist)

Valley [Geo]

Kuna-lele Lit: Jumping fresh water eel

Valley [Geo]

Mahaikona Lit:?

Valley [Geo]

Mākū Lit: Maku (a native hibiscus)

Gulch [Geo]

Pā-pua`a Lit: Pig pen

Valley and ridge [Geo]

Po`o-pueo Lit: Owl‘s head

Reservoir [Geo]

Pu`u-lani, Lit: Sky mountain

Alt: Pu`ua-lani, Strangling hill (Alex 1900)

Hill, 1023 feet, in Makaweli ahupua`a [Geo] [PEM]

Pu`u-pehu Lit: Swollen hill

Summit [Geo]

Wai-koli Lit: Castor Bean Plant

Gulch [Geo]

Huhu-akai Lit: Anger by the sea

Heiau located on Wahulua bay, Wahi-awa [Ben 63]

Kaikā-mahū Lit: Undisturbed taro patch`

Land area at the head of Kukui-o-Kalena gulch [Gay]

Ka-malama Lit: The light

The western side of Pu`u-o-papai [Gay]

Kau-makani Lit: Place (in) wind

Land area [PEM]

Ke-paha Lit: The improvised chant

Intermittent stream flowing into the ocean to the east of Paweo point


Kukui-o-Kalena Lit: Torch of Kalena

Valley east of Pu`upehu and west of Kahoni valley. It runs to Kaikamahu.

Kalena means stretched out to dry, but here may be the name of a person.[Gay]

Manienie-`ula Lit: Reddish grass

Alt: Maniania-`ula, Red-lump (Gay)

Ridge, volcanic pit, and flats mauka of it. [PEM] [Gay] [Geo] [G&R]

One-olila, Lit: ?

Beach west of Ke-ana-kua [G&R]

Pua Lit: Flower

Beach west of One-olila, east of Ke-paha stream [G&R]

Pu`u-o-papa`i Lit: Crab's hill

A volcanic cone, summit 481 feet [Geo] [Gay] [G&R]

A-lanalana Lit: Floating clinker lava

Point between Paweo and Kaumakani point. [G&R]

Anahulu Lit: Ten days

Valley west of Kau-makani point. [Gay] [G&R]

Hoaka Lit: The new moon, Crescent moon

A wide rocky point between Kolea and Kaaiea. [Gay] [Geo] [PEM] [G&R]

Hui-hau Lit: Interlacing hau trees

Flat rocky place between Po‘o and Muliwai-palaoa. [Gay] [G&R]

Ilio-lalau Lit: Wandering dog

Land and intermittent stream southeast of Ke-awa-au. [Gay] pG&R]

Ka-aiea Lit: The aiea plant

Intermittent stream to the west of Puolo point. [Gay]

Ka-‘alalā Lit: The crow, Corvus tropicus

Intermittent stream to the west of Ka-la-hu. [G&R]

Ka-awa-nui Lit: The large harbor

Village and gulch feeding into Mahina-uli. [Geo] [G&R]

Ka-‘īlio-pā‘ia Lit: The fenced in dog

Pond. This pond was named for a supernatural dog. [Gay 1] [G&R]

Ka-lā-hu Lit: The day of the people

Point west of Koki. [Gay] [G&R]

Ka-lua-puhi Lit: The eel pit

Point and pond at the south-eastern part of Mahina-‘ula. There is an eel-shaped rock in a cave in this area. [Gay] [PEM] [Geo] [G&R]

Ka-mo‘o-‘īole Lit: The generations of rats

Sand hills at Muliwai-palaoa. [Gay] [G&R]

Kāne-hapu‘u Lit: Male tree fern

Stream that flows into the ocean at Makaweli landing. [G&R]

Ka-pa‘akai Lit: The salt

Fish pond mauka of Ka-mo‘o-‘īole. [Gay] [G&R]

Ka-pakohana Lit: The naked one (the name of a person)

Land area ashore of Ka-unu-loa on the east bank of Kāne-hapu‘u stream. [G&R]

Ka-pala-wai Lit: To daub with fresh water

Land area. [Geo]

Kapuai-o-Kapakohana Lit: Kapakohana‘s footprint

Footprint in stone at the makai end of the stone wall under the pond. [Gay]

Ka-puka-kohekohe Lit: The hole where kohekohe grass grows

Pond between Ka-unu-loa and Pa-ka-lā. [Gay]

Kau-makani Lit: Wind‘s resting place

Point. [Gay] [Geo] [G&R]

Ka-unu-loa Lit: The long shrine

Landing place for canoes. [Gay] [G&R]

*Offshore is a rock that was once a woman named Ou-lehelehe. Her brother was Kapakohana. He left his footprint in stone at Kapuai-o-Kapakohana.

Ke-ana-wī Lit: The cave of the wi shell fish

Cave in a cliff opposite the mouth of Ka-awa-loa. [Gay 6] [G&R]

Ke-awa-au Lit: The harbor to swim in

Point and landing place for canoes. [Gay] p[G&R]

Ke-kupua, Lit: ?

Kakupuaa (Alex 1900)

Valley. Three heiau for human sacrifices were here: Ku-ana-lili, A‘a-kukui, and Ka-unu-loa. [Geo] p[PEM] [Alex 1900]

Kikaha Lit: Sideways

A sandy beach of Kekupua. [Gay]

Koki Lit: Homely

Cape. [Geo] [Gay] [G&R]

Kōlea Lit: Plover

Beach and valley between Koki and Hoaka. [Gay] [G&R]

Kū-ka-nonu Lit: Kū the cheater

Land area inland of Ka-pa‘akai. [G&R]

Mahina-‘uli, Lit: Dark moon

Alt: Mahenauli (Alex 1900)

Alt: Mahina-ula [Gay]

Long narrow valley opening to the sea where there is a good landing place. [Gay] [Geo] [Alex 1900] G&R]

Muliwai-palaoa Lit: River of the whale tooth ivory

The outlet of Kekupua river to the sea. [Gay] [G&R]

Nā-lā‘au-o-ka-‘ele‘ele Lit: Trees of the black one

Land area between Kuihau and Muliwai-palaoa. [Gay]

Ou-lehelehe Lit: Protruding lips

Rock off the land of Ka-unu-loa. She is the sister of Kapakohana. [Gay]

Pae-lau Lit: Many landings

Land area. [Gay] [G&R]

Pā-ka-lā Lit: The sun shines

Point at the west side of Mahina-‘uli harbor. [Gay] [G&R] [Geo] [[PEM] [Stau]

Papa-hali‘i Lit: Spread out sheet

Intermittent stream flowing into the ocean between A-lanalana and Kau-makani. [G&R]

Pāweo Lit: To turn aside

Cape. [Geo] [PEM] [G&R]

Pō-kalakala Lit: Night of repentance and forgiveness

Alt: Pōkalakala, The beach poppy

Point on the western side of Mahina-‘uli. [Gay] [G&R]

The beach poppy, Aragemone glauca, had white flowers. The Hawaiians used the yellow juice to relieve pain.

Po‘o Lit: Head

Point and beach on the Waimea side of the point; ancient surfing area. See Ka-iwi-o-Pele. [Geo] [Gay] [PEM]

Ke kai kula‘i o Po‘o.

The sea of Po‘o that knocks down men.

The sea of Po‘o, Kauai, was said to be very rough. [Pukui 1726]

Puka-iki Lit: Small hole

Intermittent stream flowing into the ocean to the west of Paweo point. [G&R]

Puna-keawe Lit: One who carries coral

Land area inland from Ka-pakohana. [G&R]

Puolo Lit: Bundle

Point between Kau-makani and Hoaka points. [Gay] [G&R]

Pu‘u-ha‘alulu Lit: Trembling hill

Sand hill makai of cane fields at Kekupua. [Gay]

Pu`u-o-papa`i Lit: Crab's hill

A volcanic cone, summit 481 feet [Geo] [Gay] [G&R]

A‘a-kukui Lit: Kukui roots

Heiau and gulch. [PEM] [Ben 44] [Stau]

#The heiau was located at the east branch at Ke-kupua valley near the junction. Thrum says it was ‘a paved and walled heiau in good preservation.” PEM says it was a heiau for human sacrifice.

Hīpō Lit: Purge night

Flat on which Fort Elizabeth was built [Stau]

Ho`ānuanu Lit: To cause cold; To make cold

Ancient name for Maka-weli (qv) [PEM] [Stau]

Ka-`awa-nui Lit: The large kava plant

Reservoir [Geo]

Ka-lae-loa Lit: The long headland

Reservoir [Geo]

Kāne-kula Lit: Dry lands man

Summit [Geo]

Māha`iha`i Lit: Brittle

Heiau and land area on east side of Waimea river, about half a mile from the ocean. The heiau is now completely destroyed. Its location was determined from an old map made by Francis Gay. [Ben 43]

#The missionary Samuel Whitney built his first home here. (Stau)

Nana-i-ka-lani Lit: Look to heaven

A small heiau. This was located above Wai-lele and mauka of the fort. [Gay]

Wai-kāia Lit: Fast asleep water

Reservoir [Geo]

Wai-lele Lit: Leaping water

Land area on east bank of the Waimea, makai of road [Gay 1] [G&R]

Wai-pao Lit: Scooped water

Valley [Geo]

Wai-pao-iki Lit: Small scooped water

Valley that runs to Nonopahu and is the east branch of Ke-kupua which runs to Ka-hale-honui. [Gay 10] [Geo]

Ka-ū-pu`ua Lit: The choked teat

Summit, 2863 feet [Geo]

Ka-wai-papa Lit: The stratum stream

Valley. There are many taro fields and house sites in this valley. It is well terraced where convenient though no great labor has been expended in irrigating the higher, though fertile lands. The terraces and the house sites on the edge of the valley are interesting as they show a fairly large population quite a ways inland. [Ben 46] [PEM]

Ke-ana-`ihi`ihi Lit: The sacred cave

Summit, cave, and cliff [Geo] [Gay 65] [G&R]

Ke-`awe Lit: The knapsack

Land area at the head of Ke-ana-`ihi`ihi cave [Gay 65]

Kī-pale Lit: Ti leaf lining for a gourd oven

Land area below Ke-ana-`ihi`ihi on east side of the Kahana [Gay 65]

Kuna-lele Lit: Leaping fresh water eel

Valley [Geo] [PEM]

`Akia Lit: `Akia-tree

Peak, 1816 feet, on ridge separating Moku-one and Maka-weli streams above Kaulu.

In 1865, there was an `akia tree at the foot of the peak. The `akia was an endemic shrub and tree (Wikstroemia spp.) with small leaves, tiny yellowish flowers, and yellow to red, small, ovoid one-seeded fruits. The bark yields a fiber; the bark, roots, and leaves a narcotic used for fish poisoning. It was also used in `ana`ana sorcery. (PE iii) [Gay 64] [G&R]

Ala-pi`i Pi`i‘s road; The way up

Land area on west side of Moku-one. [Gay 32]

Pi`i was the kalaimoku, or chief councellor of Ola (c.f. Opae-pi`i and Kiki-a-Ola).

Hali-`ōpae Lit: Fetched shrimp

Land area in the Moku-one below `A`ali`i-nui on the north and Kihanau on the south. [Gay 32]

This is perhaps a reference to the shrimp that were gathered to pay the Menehune for building the Kiki-a-Ola (qv)

Haule-io-Kulu Lit: Fell on the night of Kulu

Land area east bank of Moku-one opposite Kauaua [Gay 31]

Hiki-lei Lit: Fetch lei

Valley [Geo] [PEM]

Ho`olono-i-ka-muki Lit: Listening to the sibilant sound

Cave and land area mauka of Pa-hau on the flanks of Ke-ana-ihiihi, east side of the Kahana [Gay 65]

Kaala Lit: ?

Summit, 806 feet. This name demonstrates the extreme difficulty of translating place names in the absence of proper pronunciation. There are seven ways the dictionary enters this spelling: Kaala, ka`alā, kā`ala, kā`alā, ka-ala, ka-`ala, and ka-`alā. Each of them has an entirely different meaning. [Geo] [Gay 64] [G&R]

Kahaiki Lit: Narrow

Cliff on west side of Moku-one makai of Ha`alo [Gay 32]

Ka-hale-puolo Lit: House containing bundles

House site on east bank of the Kahana between Lau-i`i and Moi-hala [Gay 65]

Kahana Lit: Cutting

Ka-hana the-work

Valley [Geo] [PEM]

Ka-hau-iki Lit: Little hau tree

Land area at the head of Pōhaku-pu`upu`u, Kahana canyon [Gay 64]

Kāhili-loa Lit: Tall kahili emblem

Summit, 1847 feet [Geo] [G&R]

Kāhili-poko Lit: The short kahili emblem

Peak, 1640 feet, on ridge dividing Kahana and Olokele valleys [G&R] [Gay 64]

Kāhi`u-nui Lit: Great victory

Land area between unnamed stream and Puka-o-kini. [Gay 32]

A pule kāhi`u was a prayer for victory in battle.

Kaholo-iki Lit: Little hasty one

Valley mauka of Kaholo-nui on west side of Moku-one [Gay 32]

Kaholo-nui Lit: Big hasty one

Valley on west side of Moku-one mauka of Peleka-iki [Gay 32]

Kalakala-akua Lit: Bristling ghost

Peak above Kumau on the west wall of the Kahana [Gay 65]

Ka-lua-alaea Lit: Red earth pit

Land area on west side of Ka-pueo-manu [Gay 64]

Ka-lua-mo`o Lit: Lizard‘s pit

Land area on east bank of the Kahana opposite Ka-ua-helu [Gay 64]

Ka-lua-nui Lit: The big pit

Land area on both sides of Moku-one river above Opae-pi`i on the east and below Pōhaku-pu`upu`u on west [Gay 32]

Ka-lua-pua`a Lit: The pig pit

Unspecified land area (name occurs on Gay‘s list between Maloeloe and Kaala) [Gay 64]

Kama-e`a Lit: Risen child

Valley mauka of Pa-hau on the east wall of Kahana [Gay 65]

Ka-maka-uahi Lit: Smoke in the eyes

Cattle pen on the west bank of the Kahana mauka of Pōhaku-pu`upu`u [Gay 64]

Ka-makewai Lit: The thirst

Cliff and land mauka of Mahu-o-Ola, west side of Moku-one [Gay 41]

Kama-`oā Lit: Bereaved of children

Intermittent stream flowing from Kaukelei into the Kahana, mauka of Pa-hau and of Pali-kea [G&R] Gay 64]

Ka-`ōhia-iki Lit: The little ‘ōhia tree

Land area just mauka of Kama-`oā, east side of the Kahana [Gay 64]

Ka-pali-kū Lit: The sheer cliff

Land area and cliff between Pali-kea and Kama-`oā, east side of the Kahana [Gay 64]

Ka-po`o Lit: The head

Cliff on east of Moku-one overlooking Opae-pi`i [Gay 32]

Ka-pueo-manu Lit: The owl bird

Land area of Alolohale (sic) at the mouth of Kahana [Gay 64] [G&R]

Ka-pū-kani Lit: Musical conch shell

Land area on east side of Ka-pueo-manu up Kahana [Gay 64]

Ka-ua-helu Lit: Few showers

Unspecified land area at ‘alea tree below Palikao”, on west bank of the Kahana mauka of Wai-aloha [Gay 64]

Kauaua Lit: Tough

Stony kula land on west bank of Moku-0ne stream opposite Haule-io-kulu [Gay]

Kaukelei Lit:?

Summit [Geo] [G&R]

Ka-ulu Lit: The breadfruit tree

Stream flowing from the south side of `Akia into the Kahana. Also a houselot in the Wai-kaka kuleana mauka of Koele-lua valley, west side of Kahana [Gay 64] [G&R]

Ka-wai-ū, Lit: The breast; The breast milk

Valley [Geo]

Ke-ana-paweo Lit: Cave of displeasure

Land area and cave on east side of Moku-one [Gay 32]

Ke-pani Lit: The covering

Flat land area on ridge to south of Olokele and north of Hale-hau [G&R]

Ke-pani Lit: The dike

Reservoir [Geo]

Kiha-nau Lit: Tedious ascent

Saddle between Kaulana-peapea and `Akia; also road that leads up from Ka-pala-nui [Gay 41] [G&R]

Ko`ele-lua Lit: Double rattling

Valley from `Akia leading to Kahana stream [Gay 64]

Kolo-kea Lit: Creeping white ( mists); White creeper

Valley [Gay] [Geo] [PEM]

Kukui-lau-li`i Lit: Small leaved kukui tree

Land area and cliff mauka of Ka-pueo-manu on west side of Kahana valley

[Gay 64]

Kukui-nui Lit: Big kukui tree

Land area at the head of Ka-lua-mo`o, Kahana canyon [Gay 64]

Kukui-pa`i-a`a Lit: Root system of the kukui tree

Land area between Kaholo-iki and Kaha-iki [Gay 32]

Kūmau Lit: Constancy

Land area on the west bank of the Kahana makai of Pā-pua`a [Gay 65]

Kū-`ōkala Lit: Standing goose flesh

Peak, 1291 feet, on ridge separating Moku-one and Maka-weli streams [G&R]

Kūpala-nui Lit: Standing gourd plant

Cave and land area opposite the mouth of Ha`alo valley. [Gay 32]

A kūpala may either be an endemic gourd, or a morning glory, or a sweet potato. They were eaten only in times of famine.

Lau-i`i Lit: Tiny leaved

Intermittent stream flowing from Kahili-loa into the Kahana [Gay 65] [G&R]

Mahua-kuli Lit: A number of deaf mutes

Land area on west side of Moku-one opposite Kapo`o cliff [Gay 32]

Māhu-o-Ola Lit: Ola‘s stream

Land area opposite and mauka of Hali-opae, west side of Moku-one [Gay 41]

Malo`elo`e Lit: Stiff

Cave and cliff on east side of Kahana valley beneath Kaala peak [Gay 64]

Manini Lit: ?

Stream and valley, south side of Olokele opposite Kahiki-poko.

1. Surgeonfish 2. Stingy (hoard like a miser) 3. Variety of cooking banana 4. variety of sugar cane 5. variety of dry land taro 6. variety of sweet potato 7. Wrath; anger 8. To pour; spill; irrigated [G&R]In the absence of the story behind the name, making a choice from the above eight possible meanings is impossible.

Moea Lit: To press onward; To go straight ahead

Peak, 1568 feet, on ridge on the south side of Olokele [G&R]

Moi-hala Lit: ?

Intermittent stream flowing from Kaukelei into the Kahana [Gay 65] [G&R]

Moku-one Lit: Sandy area; sand island

Valley and stream [Geo]

Mo`o-pa-lahalaha Lit: Flat strip of land; Lizard- of the) broad platter

Valley and land on west bank of the Moku-one mauka of Ha`alo stream [Gay 32]

Nana-i-Ka`ula Lit: Look off at Ka`ula; Lookout to Ka`ula

Unspecified spot where Ka`ula island is visible, on slopes of Kaala peak [Gay 64]

Nono-pahu Lit: Perforated drum; Red drum

Ridge [Geo]

Nua-kea Lit: White trodden path

Land area on east bank of the Moku-one opposite Kahaiki [Gay 32]

Olokele Lit: Honeycreeper; To rub in mud

Stream and canyon. There are the remains of many taro fields and house sites in the canyon. [Ben] [PEM] [Stau]

Olokele is the Kaua`i name for the `i`iwi, an endangered bird species whose red feathers were highly prized for cloaks, leis, and helmets.

`Ōpae-pi`i Lit: Climbing shrimp; Pi`i‘s shrimp

Land area on east of Moku-one mauka of Haina (qv). [Gay 32]

*Pi`i was the kālaimoku, chief counselor, of Ola who built the Kiki-a-Ola (qv) which was built by the Menehune. The price was one shrimp per Menehune.

Pā-hau Lit: Enclosure of hau wood; Fence made of hau wood

Intermittent stream flowing from Kaukelei into the Kahana, next valley mauka of Moi-hala. [G&R]

Paka-ua Lit: Rain drops

Cave in Ka-po`o cliff [Gay 32]

Pali-kea Lit: White cliff

Cliff opposite Ka-hau-iki on the east side of Kahana [Gay 64]

Cliff and large land area on east side of Moku-one [Gay 41]

Paoa Lit: Strongly odoriferous

Peak above Ka-pueo-manu, makai of Kaala peak. [Gay 64] [G&R]

*The staff which Pele, the volcano goddess, carried is spelled pā.oa. Note that Lohiau‘s kahuna was named Paoa, so this name is not to be confused with the Pele legend.

Papa-`āina Lit: Flat land

Land area makai of Wai-aloha on west bank of Kahana stream [Gay 64]

Pā-pua`a Lit: Pig pen

Land area on west bank of Kahana looking over to Kaukelei [Gay 65] [G&R]

Peleka-iki Lit: Little bloated one

Land area and cliff, intermittent stream, on west bank mauka of Puka-o-kini [Gay 64] [G&R]

Peleka-nui Lit: Big bloated one

Land area on east bank of the Moku-one opposite Peleka-iki [Gay 32]

Pōhaku-pu`upu`u Lit: Lumpy rock

Land area above Ka-lua-nui on the west side of Moku-one [Gay 32]

Large stone and surrounding land area mauka of Ka-ua-helu on the west side of Kahana [Gay 64]

Puka-lehua Lit: Lehua with a hole

Land area above Manini and Uhilau on the ridge between Olokele and Nono-pahu [G&R]

Puka-o-kini Lit: Innumerable holes

Kula land area and wet land above Ala-pi`i on west side of Moku-one [Gay 32] [G&R]

Pu`u-kapa-lei Lit: Hill of the tapa wreath

Unspecified land area. Name occurs between Nuakea and Ka-ana-paweo indicating it is on the west side opposite of those two places [Gay 32]

Uhi-lau Lit: Yam leaf

Stream and valley, south side of Olokele, opposite Kahili-loa [G&R]

Wahi-`awa Lit: Milk fish

Stream entering Moku-one mauka of Paleka-iki [G&R]

Wai-aloha Lit: Beloved water

Cliff and land area at the foot of the cliff, west side of Kahana opposite Kaala [Gay 64]

Wawa-nono-puha Lit: Sound of the red hollow log

Land area east side of Moku-one stream opposite Puka-o-kini [Gay 31]

from the Māhele Records

Hā-ki‘oa Lit: Sluice feeding fish stocking ponds

‘Ili fed by Pu‘u-lima auwai. Pali of same name. [3112] [6297] [6304] [6333] [6343] [6353] [9077] [9655] [9665] [9144]

A ki‘oa was ‘a small pool for stocking fish spawn, such as mullet, milk fish, tenpounder, usually attached to longer ponds.” One possible reading of this name in the Mahele records is Hā-heo-ala-Kawelo, Trail that caused Kawelo to pant. This could be a reference to Kawelo‘s search for the family of ‘Ai-kanaka.

Ka-aha-kowali Lit: The cord of sweet potato vine

Alt: Ka-eha-koali, ?

Mo‘o. The pali of Ka‘ina-manu is on the west. Niupolina is mauka and Kaheihei is makai. [9077] [6581]

Ka-hālau Lit: The shed

Mo‘o beneath pali of same name. [9144] [6589] [6552-B]

Ka-wai-lele Lit: The leaping water

Lo‘i. [6589]

Ka-heihei Lit: The footrace

Mo‘o makai of Ka-aha-kowali. [9077] [6581]

Ka-hue Lit: The gourd

Lo‘i. [6333]

Ka-hui Lit: The gathering

Mo‘o bounded on three sides by Ka-pua-hola, with Ka-pael lo‘i on the east. Mauka, Kaohia, East: a lo‘i, Makai: Maoloha, a mo‘o, and West: Kāneakula, a pali. [6333] [6277] [6552]

Ka‘ina-manu Lit: Bird snaring place

A pali west of Ka-naele-luna mo‘o and Ka-aha-kowali. [6316] [9077]

Ka-naele-lalo Lit: The lower swamp

Mo‘o mauka of Kumuahane, with the pali Kaina-manu on the west of it. [6297] [6316]

Ka-naele-luna Lit: The upper swamp

Mo‘o bounded mauka by Kke-one-‘ula, east by Pu‘‘ulima ‘auwai, makai by Ka-naele-lalo, and west by Ka‘ina-manu pali. [6316]

Ka-nai-niho Lit: Striving to obtain teeth

Mo‘o. [6589]

Kāne-akula Lit: Far away man

Pali on the west side of Ka-heihei and Maoloha mo‘o. [3112] [6304] [6333] [6581] [6552]

Kani-pu‘upu‘u Lit: Singing land shell

Mo‘o. Keauwana is mauka and Ka-halu is makai. Ke-ala-ka-hālau pali is on the west. [6552-B]

Ka-‘ōhi‘a Lit: The ‘ōhi‘a tree

Mo‘o makai of Ka-heihei. [6552-B] [6581] [6552]

Opu-weuweu Lit: ?

Lo‘i. [6552-B]

*Ka-paeli Lit: ?

Lo‘i to the east of Ka-huii mo‘o. [6277]

Kapahole Lit: ?

Mo‘o with Maoloha mauka and the pali of Kāne-akula on the west. This mo‘o was fed by the auwai of Kepuahola. [3112]

Ka-pua-hola Lit: The spreading, unfolding flower

Mo‘o makai of Maoloha and Ka-hui.[3112] [6304] [6277]

Ke-ala-ka-hala Lit: The road to the hālau

Pali on the west side of Kuainiho. [6552-B]

Ke-au-ana, or Keauwana Lit:?

Mo‘o makai of Kuainiho. [6552-B]

Ke-one-‘ula Lit: The red sand

Mo‘o mauka of Ka-naele-luna. [6316] [9662]

Kū‘ai-ihe Lit: Place to barter for spears

Mo‘o with Opuweuweu mauka and Kū‘ai-iho makai. [3112]

Kū‘ai-iho Lit: Place to barter for inner layers of white sleeping tapa

Mo‘o makai of Kū‘ai-ihe. [3112]

Kū‘ai-niho Lit: Place to barter for teeth

Mo‘o makai of Kū‘ai-‘ohe. [6333] [6353] [6552-B]

Kū‘ai-‘ohe Lit: Place to barter for bamboo

Mo‘o bordered mauka by Ka-hui, east by Ka-hue lo‘i, makai by Kū‘ai--niho, and west by Kāne-akula. [6333] [6552-B]

Kumuahane Lit:

Alt: Kumuakāne,?